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Cleaning Management Consulting (Support)

Giving helpful advice and guidance based on 10 years of experience
Management in this industry is one of its strengths, however there are those people who are not good but can still run a business.

It is difficult to find and train talented manpower because the building maintenance / cleaning business deals with people. It is a fact that there are many managers who are concern about their jobs. Amongst them are those who are doing a good job and who have to repeatedly give orders, however at the same time if they do not acquire new clients they are not contributing to the expansion of the company performance.

It is not so simply to move beyond this. There are managers who are endlessly worrying about solving these piling problems while improving the business and expanding the company’s achievements.

As a manager I also experienced such worries. I understand the feeling well. Providing the ideas, skills and know-how, we will share in the worries, considerations and together solve problems to achieve your aims.
I am not a consultant who is just all talk (which there are already a lot of). Throughout many years, I have the experience of taking along many part time workers whilst carrying a mop and polish in my hand.
I can give advice because I am familiar with on-site experiences, I have conducted business door to door, finding and increasing new customers, I have grown my company by 500 million yen in 10 years so I am able to advise you on effective methods and know-how of management.
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Regarding the management of staff, I grew a company of 10 staff to an organization of 300, therefore I feel I am able to give helpful advice.

In regards to other industries, I am not so knowledgeable however if it is regarding the building maintenance / cleaning business, as a manager of 10 years, I have managed a company so it is my strong belief that I can give immediate, helpful advice which isn’t just impractical theory, improve your business and give guidance on how to increase company performance.

Don’t worry about your currency situation alone, contact me now!
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The thought of a consultation which specializes in the building maintenance / cleaning business
The building maintenance / cleaning business is a difficult job that people hate.

I believe there are many managers who worry about the problem of performing well. I was one of those managers.
Without a partner who a manager can consult with, they become extremely lonely. Moreover they often feel anxiety.

Choosing a difficult and hated job such as the building maintenance / cleaning business, as someone who has also experienced the same agony and hardships as a manager,
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this time I extend my hand to you and together we will solve the problems together directly, reduce your anxiety and worries as well as improve your performance.
Even alone, I strongly wish to advise you towards happiness and be useful for your business.
What kind of people do you support?
  • Those people who believe they can succeed what ever the situation and want to do so independently in the building maintenance / cleaning business
  • Those people who became independent in the building maintenance / cleaning business, but are not doing so well
  • Individuals with unstable sales
  • A small number of staff who are under trained
  • Those who want to expand there company
  • Those who are in a different job but want to enter the building maintenance / cleaning business

Please feel free to inquiry anytime if you have any questions.
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Frequently asked questions
I’m starting a house cleaning business but is there stable profit? I want to make stable profits, is it possible?
If the only service you offer is house cleaning then it is easy to make a stable profit. Therefore I advise other building maintenance / cleaning businesses on how to obtain a stable income.
Subcontract work is more than 90% of the building maintenance / cleaning business. There is a high demand for price cuts and anxiety regarding it. What should I do?
I advise using a method that increases direct work little by little. I also advise on how to communicate directly with clients and management methods.
Insufficient training for people who want to leave the job quickly will only cause them to stay longer.What should I do?
This is the characteristic problem of the industry. Many managers are troubled by the same situation. The problem is until managers change their mentality, the problem will not be solved. It is extremely difficult to change their performance unless they grow as a manager. I strongly advise on this point and the know-how in order to solve this problem.
This is the first time I’ve heard of this situation! What should I do? Is there no one who can teach me?
I will answer all questions about skills such as floor peeling, scrubbing scale on glass and stain removal etc. I will introduce a specialist trader so please do not worry with the job and have no regrets.
I’m terrible at business.....I can’t run my business, I’m not getting any results, clients aren’t increasing.....
Find the sales point and strength of your company (If you have none we will make it together!) We will create business documents together, I will teach business methods starting from the basics and together we will run the business.
Look, listen, experience and you can study.
Even if I finally get work, There will be many complaints, what if they cancel.... How can you maintain a long term contract?
There is a reason why the job was no good. I teach with techniques and know-how that finds those reasons and improves them, raises customer satisfaction and builds client trust.
I can’t find good manpower, even if clients come my staff quit...
How do you raise the rate of hiring staff and how do you find high quality manpower?
It is the one typical worry of the industry when you can’t find good manpower, they soon quit and don’t stay on.
However, there is a point and know - how to improve this and I will advise you on it.
The staff don’t like to hear things like their work performance is too low Won’t someone else advise them?
There are many situations where people do not listen. It is the same as how children do not listen to their parents. Sometimes if you allow an external speaker to contribute, there is a lot of motivation you can receive by listening, therefore allowing staff training to be done by an external partner is also effective.