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What is cleaning skills training

We will carry out training in order to provide a service that will satisfy your clients regarding the cultivation and training of cleaning staff, we will carry it out systematically based on many years in the cleaning business, together with the improvement of skills as well as focus on etiquette training as a service industry provider.

Individual training is detailed

Floor cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days
Learn about floor cleaning, vacuuming, floor waxing etc. The cleaning method that is appropriate to the clients requests and learn about everything from flooring to chemical floor materials with every type of floor cleaning.
Floor cleaning training
Glass cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days
In recent years building structures have become more complex, the methods of glass cleaning have also diversified. You will learn professional cleaning methods suitable for the materials and dirt. Training in regards to glass cleaning for high altitude and special structures will also be carried out.
Glass cleaning training
Carpet cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days間
There are many different types of carpets and the cleaning methods also differs depending on the fiber material and the weave. You will receive training on the cleaning methods suitable for carpets such as pile brush (dust removal), vacuuming (Dust collection), shampooing etc.
Carpet cleaning training
Air-conditioner cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days
You will receive training on the cleaning methods suitable for every type of air-conditioner such as disassembly cleaning, mold-proofing, outdoor disassembly cleaning and simple cleaning etc.
Air-conditioner cleaning training
Day service / nursing home cleaning training
training period (approx.): 2-3 days
You will receive training on common everyday cleaning (corridors and stairs / entrance way / bath / dining area etc.) and periodic cleaning (floors / glass / carpet / conditioner etc.).
Day service / nursing home cleaning training
Hospital / clinic cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days
You will receive training on cleaning methods based on thorough hygiene management to prevent infection caused while hospitalized with cleaning methods such as in the common use department, hospital rooms, toilet, everyday cleaning and periodic cleaning etc.
Hospital / clinic cleaning training
Office cleaning training  training period (approx.): 2-3 days
You will receive training regarding everyday cleaning (Office / corridor and stairs / hot water supply room / parking lot / entranceway / conference room) and periodic cleaning (floor / glass / air-conditioner / lighting / outer walls).
Office cleaning training
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Voices of training participants
It was a good opportunity to look back at hospital cleaning management. I want to assertively study the introduction to chemicals (infection prevention / zoning / hygiene awareness / recognition etc.).
(30s / male)
I received materials that explained why bacterial cleansers are necessary in order to reduce infection incurred while hospitalized in regards to hospital cleaning.
(40s / male)
I received training on basic parts to technical fields. I want to participate next time if the training is like this again.
(30s / female)
The contents that changed my general idea of merely scrubbing the toilet was very good. I realized that my knowledge of detergents was lacking.
(30s / male)
There were easy to understand explanations. The method of removing dirt chemically and physically was extremely easy to understand and I realized what I had been doing until now to remove dirt.
(40s / female)
I was thankful for of course the practical aspects but more so for being taught the know-how condensed down from more than 10 years of experience. The best thing was they taught me how to get work. I look forward to taking part again.
(40s / male)